There is no doubt accounting practices in Australia are being targeted for fraud and identity theft by hackers around the world.

“According to Assistant Commissioner Kath Anderson, over 37,000 scam attempts were reported to the ATO during tax time 2017.”

On the 22nd of February this year the Privacy Act Changes came into effect. This means the risk in sending an open text email (no encryption) across the internet with an ATO document attached, even if the TFN has been removed are not worth taking.

We suggest you review you client delivery methods urgently and make sure your practice is delivering every document securely and encrypted.

Book a free client delivery review web meeting and we can share with you how other practices are bullet proofing their client delivery.

Here are some tips we recommend around practice security.

  1. Don’t deliver any documents or confidential information via email.
  2. Review your exposure immediately.
  3. Create a proper plan to replace email.
  4. Make sure you have a mixture of technology for secure client delivery so you can match the right technology for each client.
  5. Don’t put all your eggs into a Portal only option for all clients. Our research shows you can loose clients.
  6. Think about how you will market the changes to your clients. How is it going to make their life easier?
  7. Given the penetration of smart phones build this into your strategy.
  8. Make sure you have insurance and an action plan ready to go if you experience a data breach or fraud related activity.

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