Practice Client Shield

Client delivery is a critical part of your Practice work, from ATO documents you check for your clients to getting documents signed. Yet most practices ignore;

  • Security and encryption
  • Fraud risk
  • Data breaches
  • Compliance with the privacy act changes on the 22 of Feb.

Our research unfortunately finds most practices still email documents to their clients even with the TFN removed its not worth the risk. Email is open text and was never designed as a secure way to deliver documents.

“Practice Client Shield” fixing the non compliance and risk of email and normal mail very quickly.

Once your Practice Client Shield is delivered you can drive home at night safe in the knowledge that you tick the following boxes;

  • You use bank level security to deliver documents to your clients, for example ATO Notice of Assessments.
  • Your clients can sign documents with two taps so the process is easier and faster for your clients, not just more secure.
  • Your unique custom designed Google Play and Apple Store app is securely on your client’s phone protected by their phone security (PIN, Face or Thumb).
  • You have taken reasonable steps to protect your client’s data.
  • You have insurance that covers any data breaches and subsequent actions you need to take.
  • You have also improved the processing of documents in the office as an added bonus.

Our Practice Client Shield strategy includes a complete review of your current client delivery methods and risks. If you have an existing portal this will be included in the plan.

Here is a conversation you can have with a client once you have executed your Practice Client Shield plan;

'Hi Ron, please search the app store for our practice name and download our app. Then please watch the video on how secure the app is, the video will also show you how the two tap digital signatures work and how MyDocs will also store your ATO Correspondence. Just click the register me button and the admin team will swing into action and get you setup.'

It's really important that you review your security before you get a data breach. Just click here to book an obligation free review of your client delivery model now.

With recent changes to the Privacy Act on 22nd of February 2018 around Notifiable Data Breaches (NDB) standard open text email is no longer an option.


Practice Client Shield delivers a bank grade encrypted delivery tunnel you can use to get documents digitally signed and important documents like ATO correspondence securely delivered to your clients.

Why is Practice Client Shield so successful?

We have combined the boom in smartphones with the back end administration systems you need to make it super easy for your clients to interact with your practice. Our industry unique 2 tap digital signatures turn signing a document into a task your clients can do anywhere, anytime on their smart phone.

When it comes to ATO correspondence that’s even easier just drag and drop the ATO document into iBriefcase, select the client you want the document delivered to and hit send. Your clients get an Email, Text and Push notification letting them know their NOA has arrived and is available to look at via the Practice Secure app. No stamps, no risky emails.

If you want to automate the ATO document process even more, you can always add the ATO SmartDocs module for complete automation. Click here for more information.

Two Tap Digital Signatures mean your clients can whip their phones out of their pockets or handbags and within seconds they can review and sign any document with two taps. If its easier and more convenient for your client to sign documents then you will not only have a happy client you get their documents back much faster and you tick the security and risk box, everyone is better off.

“By combining the power of an iPracticeApp, iPracticeHub and the “MyDocs’ icon in your app you have the problem solved.”