About iPracticeApps

Our philosophy when building iPracticeApps was not only to produce a beautiful looking app that has a whole lot of marketing functionality but to go a step further and leverage off our technical knowledge around compliance systems like Nimbus, APS, Handisoft, MYOB etc to make an app that offered clients of accounting practices functionality so rich that they would use the App all the time.

Our aim has always been to get the apps we build on the front screen of your client’s smart phones because they use it so much.

iPracticeApps is bought to you by Digital Disruption Solutions, a business created in September 2015 that focuses on helping Accountants navigate digital disruption and makes sure they don't fall behind.

The team at Digital Disruption Solutions have built iPracticeApps using the combined knowledge of over 50 years of experience.

Ron Drost

Our Managing Director was previously involved with Best Practice Solutions which was responsible for developing products such as ATO Paper Buster, iPad Signatures & ASIC Paper Buster.  Best Practice Solutions was sold to CCH in November 2013 and these products continue successfully today as some of CCH's key products.

Catherine Rennie

Was also involved in the success of Best Practice Solutions and heads up the Client Services team. Catherine is known in the industry for her single minded focus on helping clients.

Harry Tanimena

Adds to the strength of the team as our Product Development Manager and also contributed to the success of Best Practice Solutions & it's products.